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Training Needs Analysis


Why waste your time and money on ineffective training?


A training needs analysis, also called a performance analysis, ensures that training meets your needs and helps you accomplish your goals - which ultimately saves you money.

Training Development


We design training from a learner’s perspective.


Once we establish clear learning objectives, the next design question we ask is: what is the most effective, cost-efficient training method that will teach your learners what they need to know?

Graphic Design/Quality Control 

At M3V eLearning, we create well-crafted and eye-catching visuals that increase learner engagement in the training.


In addition, our functional and content quality control processes ensure that our training products reflect positively on your company as well as ours.

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Training Needs Analysis Process


A performance analysis accomplishes two goals: it exposes the real training need, and uncovers the best training method to resolve this need.


The extent of a training analysis depends on the training and organizational goals.


Sometimes, interviewing a few employees will provide enough analysis for one or two courses, while research, surveys and interviews may all be necessary tools to thoroughly analyze the needs of a large training curriculum.

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Design and Development Methods


We may use one or several training methods in order to deliver successful training that will help your employees learn and retain information.


At m3velearning, our wide range of technical and software development skills means that we can develop any kind of training you need – from interactive elearning, to software simulations, to interactive training videos.

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Graphic Design/Quality Control


Greater learner engagement leads to a higher training success rate. We believe that successful training can be high-quality and still be cost-effective.


Our clients trust that we will not only create effective and engaging training, but also training that has undergone a thorough quality review.

In addition to our graphic design, we incorporate videos, animations, interactive infographics and many other visual tools to highlight tasks, processes and course information.

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