We partner with environmental experts to create OSHA, DOT and EPA compliance training for your classroom, computer or mobile device. 


Businesses that work with hazardous chemicals or pollutants can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in non-compliance fees or disability payments every year. Our interactive, scenario-based modules give your workers the information and skills they need to prevent injury to themselves, others or the environment as they work with hazardous materials. 


A few of the environmental health and safety courses we create are:

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Spill Prevention

  • Air Permit

  • Underground Storage Tank 

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • DOT Transportation Safety


View demos of our EH&S training below, then contact us to discuss your training needs.

Throwing Money Down the Stormwater Drain


Industrial facilities can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in stormwater pollution non-compliance fees every year. This course trains facility workers how to prevent stormwater pollution and clean up sources of contamination quickly and appropriately.


What We Did

The training audience typically only has 10-15 minute periods in which to complete training, so this training course was divided into three parts:

  • Challenge: Clean up 6 potential sources of contamination.

  • Lesson: Customized to the learner's facility, this module explained the facility's stormwater permit rules. 

  • Training Assessment: Apply the information to resolve potential or actual stormwater issues around their facility. 

SDS and Hazard Label Training

Environmental Site Assessments:
The High Cost of Saving Money


This  environmental site assessment training demonstrates the potential high-cost consequences when a site assessment is not completed.


What We Did

Our training includes a real-life scenario using interactive infographics and video to help illustrate the potentially high costs of cleaning up contamination on-site. This course lets the learner discover the real consequences of not completing an environmental site assessment. 

Safety Data Sheets and Hazard Labels


Every year, thousands of employees are unable to work, either temporarily or permanently, due to injury while working with a hazardous material.  Workers need to understand environmental regulations in order to either avoid injury or manage an environmental crisis. 


Contact M3V to discuss the design and development of this course.


What We Did

The M3V environmental experts developed this interactive, scenario-based training. During the training, learners are partnered with four employees from different industries, and asked to find the information in a Safety Data Sheet or Hazard Label that will help keep the employee safe while working with a hazardous material.

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