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Our human resources training teaches your employees the human interaction skills they need to work successfully as part of a well-functioning team. A well-functioning team is a key to your business success!


M3V elearning's instructional and graphical design experts can fulfill your human resources training needs using in-depth training needs analysis, innovative instructional design and development, visually engaging graphic design and a thorough quality control process.


In addition to our human resources training, we also offer crisis management and environmental training to serve all your employee's training needs.


View two samples of our human resources training below.

Resolve Co-worker Conflict


Workplace conflicts happen. It is rare that everyone in a work environment gets along. This tutorial gives the learner hands-on practice in resolving conflict during a conflict scenario.

What We Did

The learner is confronted with Mark, an angry co-worker. The learner uses the Six Steps to conflict resolution to select the best responses to Mark's accusations. The learner then receives instant feedback from Mark based on their selections.

Suicide Prevention


Indiana students have the 2nd highest rate of thoughts about suicide in the country. This course focuses on the information and skills educators need to know to help them prevent youth suicide.


What We Did

With the help of the “school counselor” character, the learner examines case studies involving different students in order to assess risk factors for suicide. Learners also practice communicating effectively with a child found at risk of suicide.

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